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Talented catering student competes in prestigious culinary competition in Italy

21-year-old Lorenzo Mangili, is a hard-working student at żapp who was granted the opportunity to go to Italy and take part in the prestigious UNOX cooking competition. The finals occurred on 2 May and saw Lorenzo and his tutor, Ryan Fernandes, travel to Italy to take part.  

The challenge set this year was the ‘Combi Guru Oven Challenge’ which put Lorenzo’s skills to the test.  

He was given mystery ingredients to cook a curry for the main course and cinnamon as the base to whip something up for dessert. 

Lorenzo stated that he was: “Drawing upon the techniques and knowledge I acquired during my two years at college.’’  

Ryan was extremely proud that his student has thrived whilst sharing his culinary passion. He commented: “I had the privilege of accompanying him on this journey of growth and learning. This opportunity has been filled with engaging food demonstrations, insightful visits to production lines at UNOX and Sirman equipment and discussions on the latest innovations in food technology.” 

During their visit to Italy, the two also explored the local gastronomic scene, one destination being the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant ‘Venissa’ in Venice.  
They also immersed themselves in more Italian culture by embarking on a guided boat tour and marvelling at the intricate artistry of Maurino glassmaking.  

Lorenzo stated: “Immersing myself in the rich cultural tapestry of Italy added depth to my culinary adventure, inspiring me to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.” 

The competition day was full of excitement and has inspired Lorenzo to exceed in every step of his catering career.

Ryan stated: “He did the college proud” and as a college, we truly look forward to hearing of each and every catering adventure in Lorenzo’s career as it continues to unfold.